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Words like air and lips like oxygen. He breathes life into my soul and all I want is to inhabit his.

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Come here and stay here. Not because I asked you to, but because there is no other place you’d rather be. Do it because, every other place you were, before here, didn’t have me.

I’ve rhymed and written limericks
I’ve dirge’d and purged my soul
I’ve haiku’d and prosed
I’ve measured lines and counted notes
Penning salve for these weary bones
All in an attempt to explain clearly
This gale force wind of chemistry
That musters up inside of me whenever your body is near me
So I stopped writing
There is no greater poetry that I can conceive
Than these goose-bump applauses
Tingling up and down me
Not occasionally
But each and every time you touch me

If my skin could talk
It wouldn’t
It’d just draw a map of all the places your hands had been
Light up like a halogen bulb every time you came near
Ooo if my skin could talk
It wouldn’t have to
Just turn off the lights and watch me glow in the dark
And follow the key as needed

Thick thighs
Skinny calves
Narrow hips
Lopsided boobs
I’m imperfectly a woman
Your eyes see me
Your hands touch me
You don’t want me any other way
You’re perfectly a man
And I’ve never been more happy to be imperfectly a woman

Would you mind
if I asked you to use me?
Let me be your release
Spread me out like your bed sheets
And wrap yourself in me
Rest your head on my chest
Smear your stress across my belly
Sigh exasperations on my neck
Let my lips be your pacifier
My arms your cradle
Wrap your legs all around me
Squeeze my body like your pillow
Let your muscles relax
Fall asleep under my chin
Give in
Would you mind?
Because I’d love for you to use me
Again and again

Burning with thoughts to tell you
But unable to find the words
Who cares
Just come here and kiss my lips
Then you can taste all my secrets

I dont know what you see in me
Im petite and unsexy
But when you look at me I feel invincibly beautiful
Never stared at by something so statuesque
I’m tempted to believe you
So when you offer your hand, I take it
Lead the way
I’ll follow you anywhere

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